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Professional Supervision 

Time can be counted towards IAEDP Certified Eating Disorder Supervision hours. 

 I have been supervising Dietitians for nearly 6 years across a variety of practice areas, but most notably in the speciality areas of Health At Every Size, Non-Diet Approach, Eating Disorders, As a Dietitian and human being, I deeply believe in the gifts of having a space where you can just be yourself - somewhere you can bring your "stuff" and just talk! Some people have asked: ”Is supervision like therapy?" While it's not a substitute for therapy, it can feel therapeutic, which means we're doing something right. Even when we’re discussing client work or case formulations, it’s important to not leave you out of the picture. My aim for supervision is to support you in leaving each session with more clarity, confidence, and greater skills to do the work we do.

My commitment to you is honest and genuine feedback, as well as opportunities to learn and reflect. I will do my best to take things at a pace which feels OK for you, and we'll keep reviewing with one another at regular intervals.


Supervision is a collaboration - we will both be in there, doing the work and sharing the space. Your job will be to come prepared with your professional practice journal, or your own reflective notes. You will set the agenda for the session, guiding us with what feels most important to cover. My job is to come prepared to hold a space where you can unpack whatever it is you want to explore or discuss. I will help with your agenda and keep us on track. Sometimes we will get through a lot, other times we'll park the bus and really get down into something that feels important for you to explore in more detail. Some days we'll have more of a plan, other days it might feel like we had a plan that is led in another direction! 

 What are the Hourly Requirements for Supervision?

Supervision for the CEDRD requires no less than one (1) hour of supervision per 120 hours of client contact is recommended, which equals approximately 21 minimum hours of total supervision time. Brittany also provides 1-on-1 supervision to those looking to further advance their skill set and enhance their private practice.

What you will get out out of our time together

What can you expect in supervision?
Keep doing what you do now! Promotes longevity Going to a safe place to talk about practice, as well as be a human Gives up space to reflect, and move beyond "knowing" Shifting from "nutrition education" to a counselling approach, gaining confidence Integrating new learning Space to be vulnerable - things can get challenging for us! Someone to have your back & believe in you Reflect honestly without repercussions so we know what to do next time You are human, you too have difficult feelings The work we do can be emotionally exhausting, we need support Hold space for ourselves so we can hold space for others
Supervision is a relationship, different to other forms of learning
When supervision goes well you may feel: More ready to receive feedback
 Feeling more grounded


One of the best parts about my job is the opportunity to train others in the work that I do. I am so passionate about helping dietitians develop skills to become the best healthcare professional they can be and to grow professionally to reach their career goals.